SAHELI - a non-profit to empower rural women in India

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SAHELI Through Saheli, Madhu provides employment opportunities to the women in Bhikamkor - a rural village in Rajasthan, India, where women learn sewing and embroidery techniques. . Now six years later, Saheli has become the commerce center of the village. Working here is one of the only ways for women in both the Bhikamkor community and neighboring villages to earn money. Working at Saheli, women are able to earn enough money to save, send their children to school, and become financially independent. . Saheli women work in a studio that feels like a home where they are free to cook, bring their children, brew chai, chat and celebrate life and Indian festivals together. ​In a country with a history of deeply rooted caste system, Saheli offers women a platform for fair and at-will employment opportunities. ​ . Even with limited resources, Saheli is committed to sustainable and ethical practices such as zero fabric waste, using upcycled, organic and GOTS certified biodegradable fabrics. They pride themselves on sourcing fabrics only from ethically producing manufacturers in India. Saheli promotes handloom, woven, vegetable-dyed fabrics, ahimsa (peace) silk, GOTS certified ink and artisanal embroidery skills to preserve age old craftsmanship. ​All products are shipped in reuseable, and unbleached cotton bags. ​ . See next post for how Saheli is impacted by COVID-19 and how you can get involved ——> . . . . . #ecofashion #sustainability #ethicalstyle #responsiblefashion #artisanatdart #ethicallymade #whomademyclothes #slowfashion #localmaker #ecofriendly #artisanmade #ethicalfashion #artisans #ethical #sustainableliving #sustainablelife #fashion #fashionista #family #photooftheday #outfit #inspiration #shopping #design #beautiful #beauty

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