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Why Preorders?

We are living in the era of same day delivery, so naturally some people think that we are crazy for launching Transcend's collections on a preorder basis, and making our customers wait 3-4 months to receive their pre-ordered pieces…but hear me out.

Before launching Transcend, I started researching different processes that make up a fashion brand. One of those processes is inventory management, and I quickly started learning about the industry's inventory waste problem -

Much of the inventory waste described above is a direct result of over-production by fast fashion manufacturers and retailers. Every season, about 30% of the clothes are never sold. Over the last two decades, fast fashion companies like H&M, Shein and Zara have shaped consumer behavior by producing new styles at supersonic speed, while promoting over-consumption.

At Transcend, we want no part in contributing to the fashion industry's inventory waste problem. This is why we launch our collections on a preorder basis, meaning that our customers can purchase items before they are produced, reducing the likelihood of overproduction and excess inventory. This helps ensure that we only produce what is necessary, reducing waste and helping to maintain a sustainable and responsible business model.

When you purchase Transcend pieces, you validate our belief that fashion can exist responsibly.

I am excited to bring Transcend's SS23 "Hope" collection to you. Preorder window will be open for 2 weeks only, after which we will start production of your pieces.

Delivery of your made-to-order pieces will be in May 2023. We know this seems like a long time to wait, but I promise it will be worth it! I will be sharing behind-the-scenes from our artisans along the way. 

Below is a quick infographic that describes our preorder process.

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