Why Preorders?

Transcend operates on a preorder based business model. This is one of the ways the new brand sets itself apart in a saturated fashion e-commerce market. Following the seasonal trends in fast fashion, tons of clothes go to landfill every year due to the mass production of clothing by retailers causing inventory waste. According to a CNBC article by Emma Newburger, "between 2000 and 2015, the fashion industry doubled its production. The average shopper bought 60% more clothing, too, but kept each product for about half as long, according to research from consulting firm McKinsey. 

In the U.S., people on average produce about 75 pounds of textile waste each year, according to EPA data.

Garment waste is not only a sustainability issue but an economic problem, too. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that about $500 billion is lost each year as a result of clothing being thrown out instead of being reused or recycled."

Transcend is deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and ethics and we aspire to make the right choices in every aspect of our supply chain - from the textiles, packaging and our manufacturing process. By knowing the quantities and sizes required through preordering, we know exactly how much to produce and avoid inventory waste. 

While the preorder business model is at the risk of turning customers away who want to receive their purchased items within a few days, Transcend CEO, Nazia Siddiqui believes that customers are increasingly becoming aware of the detrimental effects of fast fashion on the environment and are willing to wait for longer lead times to receive high quality products.

In March, 2021, Transcend opened its virtual doors to start accepting preorders for its Blooming Rose capsule collection - a vibrant celebration of art. The collection pieces are thoughtfully designed using luxurious fabrics with meticulous hand embroidery by artisans and prints from hand-painted watercolor art by a local Seattle artist. All of the dresses and skirts have pockets!

Things to Note:

  • All embroidered dresses and skirt sets will be made by skilled artisans from India
  • Transcend artisans are paid fairly and timely.
  • All preordered pieces will be uniquely made especially for the customers who placed the order
  • The preorders will be shipped to customers in July in beautiful and sustainable packaging

Shop Transcend's Blooming Rose collection https://weartranscend.com/collections/blooming-rose-1


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