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Meet Sarah - A Seattle Based Watercolor Artist

For our first collection, Transcend is proud to collaborate with a local artist, Sarah Dandia who hand-painted our bespoke design of blooming roses in watercolor. Transcend’s debut collection is a celebration of art. Two of our favorite pieces from the collection feature Sarah's art on luxurious silks. 
Sarah is a wife, mom of two and an engineer by the day. We are so excited for this collaboration and to put a spotlight on Sarah. Read her remarkable story below.

Artist painting at her desk

“Like so many others in quarantine, I became restless. First it was 1000 Piece puzzles - for weeks, we were pushing puzzle pieces aside to make room to eat on our dining table. Then, it was hand lettering, which became a relaxing way to wind down in the evenings. Off chance, I tried watercolor painting. A few YouTube tutorials later (thank you, to all the artists who share their knowledge so freely!), I was hooked; ten months and many, many paintings later, I haven’t looked back. I’m a software engineer by profession, and escaping into art feels so complementary to my work. ⠀

desk with art supplies
On most days, between juggling the needs of my 4 year old and 1 year old, hopping on and off Zoom meetings, trying to find stretches of time during naps and after bedtime to work, and attempting to keep our home from looking like a tornado just swept through it -- the blank canvas is often the only thing that has no expectations of me. And I have no expectations when I paint. That’s what I find so beautiful about painting. I can breathe; I can create. It’s a beloved opportunity to learn more about myself, and unlearn what I thought I knew.”⠀

We are so excited to have Sarah's story become a part of the Transcend's debut collection! 

Woman wearing a mint green color silk maxi dress with watercolor floral print

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