Transcend's artful clothing is bringing back the joy of dressing up

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A woman is leaning sideways on a white couch with her left hand on the couch and her right hand with tattooed forearm on her hip pocket. She is looking to her right and has golden curls. She is wearing a bralette in pistachio color with daisies embroidered on it. She is also wearing high waist white pants with ombre green at the bottom and more embroidered daisies.

Note: Your closet is about to get a lot more fun!

Experience the art of creative dressing with Transcend. Since our inception in 2020, we've challenged fast fashion norms, delighting thousands with our radiant color schemes, bespoke embroideries, and lively prints. Transcend champions individuality, creating unique pieces that mirror your distinct style. Become part of our burgeoning community and express your personality in true color. With Transcend, celebrate the joy of being uniquely you.


Transcend's Story

As a young girl, Nazia loved exploring the bustling markets of India with her mother. Handpicking fabrics, choosing trims, and getting them stitched into custom outfits was more than just shopping - it was a creative journey. Every piece they created held a special memory, lighting up Nazia's face with joy and pride each time she wore it. This experience sparked a deep love for fashion in her, a way to tell her story through clothes.

Moving to the United States at 15, Nazia was shocked by the sea of mass-produced clothing. The unique, creative styles she loved seemed lost in an ocean of jeans and t-shirts. Her heart ached for the beautiful, personalized fashion of her childhood. That's when she made a promise to bring the vibrant colors, beautiful embroideries, and striking prints from her Indian heritage to North America. Today, Transcend is the fruit of that promise. The wave of heartfelt reviews from customers shows how much people have been longing to express their own stories through the clothes they wear.

Within the first two years since Transcend launched, the brand has been featured in British Vogue, showcased at New York Fashion Week, and amassed a loyal following of customers. Below are some of the game changing benefits that make Transcend a fast growing brand in the United States.

Wave goodbye to dull, boring fashion - Transcend is here! 

Since our vibrant launch in 2020, Transcend has revolutionized fashion, growing at lightning speed with a thriving community. We are here to reignite the spark in your wardrobe with unique pieces that echo your personality, casting aside the monotony of cookie-cutter fashion. Ready for an exhilarating fashion journey? Join our ever-expanding tribe who keep coming back for the thrill. At Transcend, ordinary is out - it's time to embrace the extraordinary!


Comfort and Functionality are key design tenets of Transcend's pieces

Transcend pairs chic style with daily convenience. Discover our pocketed dresses and effortless silhouettes that simplify your life. Transcend - blending timeless elegance with functionality.

Never compromise your values again while you shop!

Transcend invites you to sustainable style, with inclusive US Women's sizes 0-20 clothing, bursting with bold, vibrant designs. Crafted from plastic-free fabrics, adorned with coconut-shell buttons, and brought to life by artisans paid fair living wages - every purchase makes a difference. Even our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Plus, we return 2% of our revenue to nurture Mother Nature. With Transcend, elevate your style and make a positive global impact.


Customers love Transcend. Just take a look at a few of their reviews below -

"I am a huge fan of Transcend and I can't wait to add this sunflower mini dress to my collection. I preordered it as soon as I saw it online and I am so excited to receive it. I know it will be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe and I can't wait to wear it." - Jennifer G.

"Sahar is so gorgeous and well made. I cannot get over how luxurious the silk feels when I wear it! The pockets are amazing, and the embroidery is stunning. The dress fit true to size for me. It's the perfect party dress!" - Tara

"I can't get over that this dress has digitized watercolor painting by a local Seattle artist. I feel so special wearing this piece of art!." - Garima C.

"I cannot get enough of this timeless, elegant dress! It's very warm, yet breathable, and also has insanely deep and functional pockets!! Do not undervalue these! The puff shoulders are such a sexy touch and the details in the flowers sewing is just hand-crafted with love, clearly..." - Ashley F.

"What more could you ask for? The dresses all fit like a glove, as if tailored for me. It was also a huge perk that they came with POCKETS! I'm so tired of carrying my phone, wallet, and keys out when I don't feel like carrying a purse. Not only did this dress have a pocket big enough to store all of these things, it did not create a bulge or ruin the delicate shape of the dress. Fit was true to size. Can't recommend it enough." - Farheena S.

"I am so happy that I discovered Transcend and I am excited to see how they continue to grow and make a positive impact on the world. I highly recommend their products to anyone looking to make a change in their own shopping habits. The future of fashion is slow and I am proud to be a part of it!" - Kavya S.

"CANNOT WAIT to receive this beautiful dress. Honestly, I don't mind waiting a while to receive this unique piece and support slow fashion." - Linda P.

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